This Policy Brief Series publishes short, non-technical versions of the findings and conclusions and recommendations of policy research. It is soft and aimed at general readership.. The objective is to provide rapid and easily comprehensible policy notes and discussions to a wide range of audience including policymakers, policy advisors, bureaucrats, nongovernmental organizations, development practitioners and civil society groups. Policy Briefs seek to identify practical development challenges and informed options for solving them. Policy Briefs are as good as the research upon which it is based. Beyond that, the effectiveness of Policy Briefs depends, to a large degree, on how the results are presented and communicated. In fact, the Policy Brief series affords APRNet members, partners and collaborators to communicate the results of their research in the form of easy-to-understand, concise and persuasive recommendations. To achieve this, the Policy Brief presentS the project’s policy-relevant findings in the most convincing terms possible, without overstating or understating their significance.

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